From Gigi Hadid to Raya Abirached, Arabs Celebrate Father’s Day

While mothers do get a bigger celebration, because, you know, they carry their children for nine months, Father’s Day deserves its own recognition as well! To celebrate safety, security, love, spoiling, hugs, and games, we celebrate fathers. Scoop shares with you seven Arab celebrities that express their love and admiration towards their fathers on Instagram, so scroll down!

Bella Hadid

Bella, a Palestinian-American supermodel, celebrates her father Mohamed Hadid on Father’s Day with some Instagram pictures of her alongside him. The famous businessman appears in the pictures in a soft tone, and Bella writes in the caption that he makes her laugh more than anyone else in the world!

Karen Wazen

Wazen, the Lebanese businesswoman, shares pictures of her family in a car holding a cake with one candle, referencing that her husband and father of her children is the number one dad! She writes some kind words for him in the caption of the pictures, expressing how grateful she is for him.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid, an Arab-American of Palestinian descent, celebrates her father with a picture of him and her daughter, Khai. She expresses her love in the caption, and says she loves seeing him be a sweet grandpa to Khai.

Ola Roshdy

Egyptian actress Ola Roshdy shares two pictures of her husband and her two children. She celebrates her husband on Father’s Day, and thanks him for being the kindest and sweetest father to their children.

Enjy Kiwan

The Egyptian Enjy shares a picture of her with her husband and family of two boys, all wearing a matching white. She congratulates him for Father’s Day, as he is the pillar of the family.

Raya Abirached

Lebanese TV presenter Raya, posts a picture of her husband hugging her daughter, and in the caption writes Happy Father’s Day. She feels like she doesn’t have to say anything, because the picture pretty much says it all!


The Lebanese actress shares a picture of her father on her wedding day. She celebrates Father’s Day, and says celebrating just one day will not be enough in order to truly honor him.

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