A Celebrity In The Making: From Flight Attendants To Barbie Fights, Abo Kamar’s Instagram Videos Will Crack You Up

We all look for anything that makes us laugh all day and everyday, right? So many people are feeling negative, or perhaps are surrounded with negativity whether it be at work, at home, or even due to the ongoing global pandemic. The circumstances currently have kept us holding on so tight, it can be difficult to enjoy the simplest and smallest things in life. Now, what can actually make you laugh your heart out? Well, we have Abo Kamar’s videos ready for you! Abo Kamar is one of those people that have a comedian gene in them. Whatever crosses your mind, you’ll find it in one of his videos. Abo Kamar is a model, but also delivers to us his comical genes! Laugh it out loud on the go, at the office, at home, school, university, you name it. In a nutshell, whenever or wherever, you’ll find Abo Kamar’s videos sparking your day. Here are some of his top videos below, so check them out, and don’t hold back on the laughter tears!

The one with the flight attendants

The one with the cat

The one with the Kardashian fam

The one with the hair

The one in school with a barbie fight

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