From Egypt to the US, Egyptian Delight Café Takes You On A Cultural Tour

Food is not just food anymore. It is a statement, representing culture and history. It’s a whole experience on its own. Now in Appleton, Wisconsin, US, Ezzeldin Ismail opened his restaurant, Egyptian Delight Café. Ezzeldin has felt at home since he arrived to the US, where he feels his sense of belonging is. Moreover, he felt welcomed and hasn’t felt like a stranger, making the process of him starting his own business in America an easier matter. Making sure to grab as much Egyptian culture as he can muster within these four walls, Ezzeldin certainly took Egypt with him!

Photo of Egyptian Delights Cafe - Appleton, WI, United States
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This Arab-American has been in the food business for nine years in the US, and previously had a food truck where he sold oriental Egyptian food. From homemade falafel, stuffed vine leaves, to hummus and baklava, Ezzeldin made sure not to leave out any Egyptian taste! Four years after starting his business, he switched from the food truck to finally opening up his Egyptian Delight Café. Indeed, it was his own way of bringing Egypt back to him.

Photo of Egyptian Delights Cafe - Appleton, WI, United States. Egyptian Delights at Appleton's Downtown Farmers Market
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Egyptian Walls

His café has all kinds of Middle Eastern decorations, with the walls covered in Egyptian relics, adding a flavor from home. Visiting this café is a whole cultural experience, from the decorations to the foods. It has been said that being in the café alone takes you on a travel journey to Egypt!

Egyptian Delights Café is open every day except Sundays

Photo of Egyptian Delights Cafe - Appleton, WI, United States. Looking in from outside of Egyptian Delights
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