From Egypt To Jordan: Blogger JP Marier Spreads The Love With Free Hugs

Bringing the world a much needed dose of love and reassurance is JP Marier, a vlogger and traveler who has set out on a mission to boost people’s self-love and give them a semblance of hope, all under his HUG4LOVE mission. He has been travelling for more than 400 days to 33 countries and at each stop, he meets people along the way, listens to them and simply…gives them a hug.

So far, he’s been to Egypt, Palestine, Canada, Morocco and many other countries, with his latest stop being in Jordan where he met an Egyptian called Ismail, a young man struggling to make ends meet. They shared a heart warming moment where Marier had Ismail be his cameraman for the day and followed him as he spread love across the streets of Jordan and it even got to a point where Ismail refused to take money from Marier and said that meeting him was enough.

Beyond Ismail, Marier was able to meet many inspirational people during his travels. When he visited Egypt’s Luxor, he met up with an Egyptian who said that his dream is for the entire world to be in peace while in Morocco, Marier ended up getting invited to Abdennacer’s house, a young Moroccan who wanted to do something good for Marier in exchange for all that he was able to do through HUG4LOVE’s mission.

These simple acts of kindness can truly have a huge impact on a person’s life, showcasing the power of human connection in spreading joy, hope and peace. Beyond instilling hope, these travels tap into real life stories of people around the world and the diversity of the human experience.

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