From Deleting Facebook To Speaking Out: Wegz’s On A Roll With Pro-Palestine Acts & We’re Here For it

Wegz showed massive support for Palestine by deleting both his Facebook and Messenger accounts. He made it clear that he feels shame to be using a platform that avidly supports the ongoing genocide. Along with this act of solidarity, he has been supporting Palestine throughout his International tour. The Egyptian rapper touched down in New York after performing in Toronto Canada, where he chanted ‘Free Palestine’ along with the crowd. He used the opportunity to ask the fans to start a live to send the pro-Palestinian message.

Wegz is frequently vocal about supporting Palestine and also made an appearance last week where he attended a protest in London, marching in solidarity with Palestine. In addition to recently attended a pro-Palestinian protest in New York where he posted the reel on his Instagram account reaching over 1.6 million views. 

Instead of canceling his shows, the artist donated a portion of the revenue from his international tour to Palestine in a bid to support Palestinians with humanitarian aid and other necessities. 

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