From Cast to Controversy, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Real Housewives of Dubai

Reality TV show lovers gather up because this one is for you! The ultimate American reality show “The Real Housewives” is coming to Dubai this June.

The reality show documents the lives of a group of wealthy women residing in a certain city. From Beverly Hills to New York it consists of 11 series in the United States and 21 international series. What says lavish more than Dubai?

This is considered the first international franchise that the network has been fully involved with. It is the perfect combination of a female ensemble cast with witty and snappy characters, absurd drama, and everything high-end.

In November 2021, Bravo, the broadcasting network of the show, announced the production of the Real Housewives of Dubai. It follows “a group of women navigating their day to day life managing relationships, careers, and supremely lavish and ultra-wealthy lifestyles in the United Arab Emirates,” according to a press release by the network. Adding that the desert paradise of Dubai will serve as the backdrop for their over-the-top and luxurious life. It seems like we will be getting a taste of the splendid lives of these women “whether they’re coasting on a private plane, running their own empires, or hosting events on a private island, these glamorous, successful women are ready to serve up scorching hot drama and unexpected twists” they added.

Casting is surely the pillar of any reality TV show, the dynamic combinations of characters and personalities are what has us glued to our seats.

Nina Ali

Living in Dubai since 2011, Nina Ali is a lifestyle content creator, a wife, and a mother of three. Born in Lebanon and raised in Texas, Ali has faced major challenges whilst growing up which is why she proudly sees herself as the “real deal”. Ali’s description by Bravo reads “Though she is supportive of her husband’s lucrative business endeavors, they must decide if the penthouses and personal drivers are worth the many sacrifices.”

Chanel Ayan

Considered Dubai’s first black supermodel, Channel Ayan has already stolen our hearts. A glamorous and elegant socialite with enviable style, Ayan is also a fashion and beauty expert juggling motherhood and a career.  “Confronted by demons from both her past and present” that make her realize she can “only hide behind couture for so long.”, is how the network describes her story.

Caroline Brooks

Caroline Brooks is a proud first-generation American and Afro-Latina from Boston. She is the daughter of two Honduran immigrants with knowledge of all things business. Known as Caroline DXB she is well known in the Dubai real estate field, and aspires to create an all-inclusive spa. Self-made and motivated, she’ll make use of her connections, even that of her ex-husband’s, to secure her and her son’s future.

Dr. Sara Al Madani

Born and raised in the UAE, Dr. Sara Al Madani “straddles two worlds: modern and traditional”. Sara became a popular public speaker and role model for young women in the community after beginning her first company at the age of 15. Despite her success, this twice-divorced mother of one is determined to discover love, the one thing she has yet to find.

Lesa Milan

Lesa Milan, a native of Jamaica, is a successful fashion designer, dedicated wife, and loving mother of three children. Milan, the “queen of her household”, is extremely devoted and always chooses family above all. The former Miss Jamaica winner is proud of her high-end maternity fashion business, Mina Roe, but she is concerned that its success may come at the expense of her personal life.

Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury is a former stylist and reality star on “Bravo’s Ladies of London”. She is a luxury brand ambassador and host of the popular relationship podcast “Divorced Not Dead”. Following her breakup, the mother of three found love in Dubai with Sergio Carallo, a former Real Madrid soccer player. However, with the large gap between the couple, their relationship has its own set of difficulties, particularly when it comes to growing their family.

The show, which has not aired has already raised speculations. In a video shared on social media Emirati public figure and social commentator, Majid Al Amry expressed his distress over the inappropriate language and scenery in the show that in his opinion are an inaccurate representation of housewives in Dubai. He stated: “This series does not represent the real housewives of Dubai. Yes, we are a tolerant country, but that does not mean that others can walk all over our morals and values.”

The Real Housewives of Dubai premieres on Bravo Wednesday, June 1, and will be available to stream on Hayu from June 2nd.

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to see what these ladies have in store for us!