Meet Mohamed El Sayed: The Travel Video Blogger Unveiling Egypt Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

They say travel is one of the most important and enlightening things you can do in life. Going on an airplane, soaring high up in the sky on an other-worldly journey, visiting a new country, trying new food, getting lost in new places and neighborhoods, meeting new people, and engaging with a different culture. It’s all an amazing package wrapped up in just one place. Of course, now is a difficult time to be able to roam freely wherever we want. But wait a minute…what you can do at the moment until the pandemic passes, is watch some travel videos and create a travel list! Sounds like a plan, don’t you think? Well, we’ve got you covered with one of the top and one of the coolest travel bloggers today, Mohamed El Sayed, your ultimate travel video creator. With his amazing and creative videos, he takes us along with him through his journey with some profound music that hits the spot of the scene, putting everything together in place with his exceptional talent.

We’re all craving for some travel and change, but for now, watching Mohamed El-Sayed’s amazing travel videos will do!

One for Egypt as a whole

Now, let’s take you on a picture tour!

The colors of Siwa

One of the mystical salt lakes of Siwa

One for the magical history of Luxor

Time to beach in Hurghada

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