From Azza Fahmy to Ruwaya; the 10 Arab Jewelry Brands You Should Start Wearing

By Malak Khaled

Jewelry is a decorative element that many women can’t go without. Everyone has their favorite ring or necklace that they never take off. For a very long time, women have been passing their jewelry down for generations, to their children and grandchildren, on and on.

For those of you who love jewelry and want to support local designers, here are 10 Arab brands that you should keep an eye on.

Donna Hourani Jewelry

Donna Hourani is a Lebanese designer who decided to quit her career in interior architecture in order to pursue her dream in jewelry design. Her brand offers high-quality pieces that contain natural precious and semi-precious gemstones, along with 18 karat gold, as well as being handpicked and ethically sourced by Hourani herself, with every piece carrying its own meaning.

Azza Fahmy

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Azza Fahmy has always been a well-known name when it comes to jewelry; she’s practically on everyone’s bucket list. Her designs are always unique; you look at the pieces and you just know that there’s a talented team behind it. The debut of Azza Fahmy’s collections was designing the jewelry worn by the renowned actress, Souad Hosny. Azza Fahmy’s signature is combining gold and silver, bringing out the beautiful contrast that she’s known for.

Jude Benhalim

Jude is a Cairo-based jewelry designer who founded her brand “Jude Benhalim” back in 2011 when she was only 17. A high-quality jewelry brand that offers “fierce yet feminine, classic yet daring and edgy yet elegant” designs. She finds inspiration in geometric shapes and architectural constructions and offers a mix of tradition and modernity through the mixing of materials and concepts.


Ruwaya is a UAE-based brand founded by Fatima Al Dhaheri, named after her grandmother. Ruwaya offers fine jewelry that uses precious stones and transforms them into glittering pieces that are beautiful and unique.

HAK The Label

HAK was launched in 2018 by Hakima Al Said, who has a special way of merging cultural symbolism with contemporary design. Hakima “finds inspiration from her international upbringing, in all of the many countries she has called home: Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, and Europe. Her work refines cultural symbolism, from varied environments, into a singular aesthetic”.

Noor Fares

Noor is a London-based Lebanese designer who studied History of Art at Tufts University in Massachusetts before going to London to learn about the world of precious stones. In 2009, she established her eponymous collection and made a name for herself with distinctive designs. Noor Fares is known for her colorful modern-day designs that combine “ancient symbolism and contemporary style”.

Nuun Jewels

Based in Saudi Arabia, Nourah Al Faisal founded Nuun after finding inspiration while repairing one of her mother’s jewelry. After this, she began training as an apprentice with Parisian craftsmen, who are some of the best in the world. She opened her first boutique on rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and created the brand Nuun in 2014, the rest was history.

Dana Al Alami

The Saudi designer Dana Al Alami is the founder and chairman of Dana Alalami Jewelry & Auctions, which launched in 2008. Dana does amazing work with diamonds, elegant and beautiful enough to make any woman feel like a queen.


Falamank is a brand founded by the twice-awarded Lebanese designer, Tarfa Itani. Falamank merges rich oriental style with traditional craftsmanship to produce unique, handmade pieces of fine contemporary jewelry.

Hamda Abdulla Fine Jewelry

Hamda Abdulla is an Emirati designer who has only recently established her Dubai-based jewelry house. She focuses on shapes and detail. Her creations offer modern minimalism as well as delicate and contemporary design. Her first collection was named “Seven” in reference to the 7 Emirates, created mainly for brides who are looking for unique jewelry that merges modern and traditional design.

Nada Ghazal Jewelry

Nada Ghazal is a Lebanese designer with a degree in Advertising Design from the Lebanese American University. She traveled to work in Dubai, and upon her return to Lebanon, she found interest in crafting jewelry and handcrafted her first pieces, weaving together 18k gold string with precious stones. In 2003, she showcased her first collection of 25 handmade pieces. The pieces sold out in less than 3 days which helped her grow and establish her own fine jewelry brand.

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