Nurture Your Talent and Drop the Tension With Cairo’s Top Art Classes and Workshops

While some consider creative activities such as writing, acting, drawing or dancing as pacifiers who are likely to boost the mood of those who practice them, many studies have pointed out the positive effects arts can actually have on one’s psychology and how they can have a drastic impact on helping individuals cope with difficult situations.

If you’re having a hard time surviving the pandemic and are currently looking for new ways to relieve the stress, you can try out writing, drawing, or any other creative outlet as a new way to help you feel good.

So without further ado, here’s a list of places where you can book art workshops to ease the tension, unleash your creative side, and awaken your passion!

Art Café

Located in the heart of Maadi, as well as in Galleria Mall in Sheikh Zayed, it’s a place that offers different kinds of classes including portrait drawing, art therapy, interior design workshops, applied arts classes, cake decorations, and so much more!

Wanas Art and Design Hub

This place offers a wide range of tailored courses for both children and adults, including painting, drawing, design, and photo illustration. The hub indeed serves art for every taste. You can find it in Zamalek, and we advise you to not miss out on their interesting jewelry making courses!

Shakti Art School

Like many other art centers, Shakti offers painting, photography, interior, and mosaic workshops, but the unique thing about the place is its philosophical and spiritual workshops as well as nature exploring activities and trips to help artists evoke their creative energy. This wondrous art school is located in Maadi.

El Matrah Art and Culture

What’s better than joining like-minded people who appreciate oil painting and getting to explore your artistic side with the help of professional artists? You can find this and more in this friendly place in Zamalek.

Galileo Art Centre

We envy Nasr City residents for this one. The fascinating, certified art center with more than 20 art gurus and 7000 students will indeed encourage you to join their painting and drawing classes, as well as the graphic courses, and handcrafts. You’ll be making a tough choice here because you’ll definitely want to join them all.

Art Square Academy

This place is one of the well-known fashion science and consultation centers in Egypt. The academy offers all varieties of fashion and art courses both for children and adults, delivering a high-quality education as practitioners are tutored by professionals in the field of arts. Courses offered in the academy include fine arts, fashion design and styling, pattern making, draping, photography, accessories, and interior designing. We bet you’re already booking your spot in one of their courses, right?

Whether your passion is drawing, photography, or fashion, you can always find the perfect place for you to nurture your skills and drop the tension we’re all going through during this tough period. Never underestimate the power of art!

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