For the Record: This Week, the Ladies Killed It

This week was musically great for women. Beyoncé released a multi-genre evocative visual masterpiece and shook the world once more. Azealia Banks took a break from her legal troubles to release an amazing single that showcases both her singing voice and rapping skills. Ke$ha made a comeback with Zedd on an empowering dance track. Tegan and Sara called out all secret boyfriends with a cautionary tale. And Rihanna shot some dude in a strip club. All in all, a solid week for the ladies.




Beyoncé: Lemonade





Rihanna: “Needed Me”





Azealia Banks: “The Big Big Beat”





Yuna feat. Usher: “Crush”





Florence and the Machine: “Third Eye”





Tegan and Sara: “Boyfriend”





Zedd, Ke$ha: “True Colors”





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