For A Greener Egypt: Irrigation Law Sets Penalties For Cutting Down Trees

Egypt hasn’t been doing the greens any justice. Trees are getting cutdown often and are getting torn apart unfortunately. But thanks to the new irrigation law, penalties have been set in place for cutting them down. Hopefully with these new measures set in place, Egypt can become a greener and healthier place!

“The Egyptian House of Representatives will issue next week a new water resource and irrigation law that sets penalties for cutting or uprooting trees on public land”

Egypt Independent

In publicly owned lands, those who uproot or cut trees will be fined. Any violation of this rule will cost a fine ranging from L.E. 2,000 to L.E. 10,000 to those responsible.

Trees in Egypt

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

People are concerned with the life of trees in Egypt. According to Ahram Online, a citizen living in Agouza district woke up one day hearing the sound of a cutting saw, only to notice that someone was cutting down a huge tree. The reason behind the cutting of the tree was due to the district sending someone because a branch had fallen on one car, and a resident complained about it afterwards. Several had stated that the reasonable solution would have been to trim the tree, not cut it down.

“A tall tree is a mature tree. It can be 30 years old, and it provides oxygen to the surrounding environment. Our population today exceeds 100 million, and we need more trees to provide them with oxygen”

– Said Khadiga Lotfi, the person who witnessed this incident

Everyone can start spreading the message now, and hope for greener streets, and cleaner air. Meddling with nature and the Earth, certainly won’t do us any good. Everybody can take care of our one home, Egypt, and the planet it rests on!

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