Foodville: The Arabic Recipes Platform We Never Knew We Needed!

Via Lemon Squeezy

I’m not for installing useless applications on my phone; thus I rarely try out any new ones! However, only having the basics on your phone means that you’ll miss out on great gadgets that will definitely make your life easier on so many levels.

Recently, I’ve stumbled on a new application that everyone in the Arab world needs to know about, Foodville!

Via Foodville

Foodville is the first and largest Arabic platform for food recipes, with more than 160,000 recipes available on the application and the website. The platform contains recipes from different cuisines and chefs; guaranteeing a variety that caters to all tastes. Foodville is also super user-friendly, making it easy for all our technology beginner mothers.

Via Foodville

You can search by the name of the dish, the ingredient, or the category you’re thinking of, and voilà, thousands of recipes! If you have nothing in mind, you can simply browse and get inspired by the delish recipes you’ll find on the homepage. Every video has user ratings, that happen to be very tough by the way, so you won’t try the recipe blindly.

WE SAID THIS: Download the app and bon appetite!