Following Dozi: Dina Dash And Her Husband’s New Travel Page Is Already Lit

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve inevitably stumbled upon hundreds (if not thousands), of Dina Dash related content. From her Katb Kitab photos that went viral, to her fairytale-like wedding, the cutesy siblings dance, and tight hugs pictures. But the Dina Dash dose doesn’t stop here, because following the posts that all went viral, Dina happened to keep topping the trends with her honeymoon pictures…and just when you think that it can’t get any cuter, you realize you’re mistaken, because it does!

Even though it was expected for Dina to go MIA during her honeymoon, she remained active flooding our timelines with stories and posts. She sure gave us quite a satisfactory dose of positivity and insights in to how she’s relishing her stay in the Maldives. And since most people yearn for seeing more of the people genuinely in-love, Dina’s fans (and traveling enthusiasts probably) were quite delighted to know about her new account. Dina, along with her husband, decided to create a new Couple-Travel Instagram Page under the name of Following Dozi.

In case you’re wondering about the name… apparently, since Dina’s nickname is Donze, and her husband Mahmoud’s nickname is Ozzie, it was only relevant to combine their names together. Ultimately following “Dozi” came to light! A bit cheesy, but cute and creative, no?

Through the page, the newly-wed couple intends to share all their adventures and scoops with their fans whenever they visit a new country. Shortly after she announced the launch of the page through her stories, the number of the page’s followers has massively increased and continues to do so till this moment!

Meanwhile, Dina was doing her part as well, and wasn’t at all late in sharing her experiences through many of her stories. One example features the swimming/yoga activities she and her husband are carrying out, along with a couple of wowing pictures taken at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

WE SAID THIS: May you stay as happy and radiant as you are, forever!