Fly with Your furry friend: Etihad airlines Now allows pets in its cabins!

When asking any pet owner, what he dislikes the most about travelling, be sure that one of the very first things that will come to mind, is missing their furry friend. Be it their cat or a dog, these little babies just miss their owners so much, and you’ll find them standing on your clothes, or squeezed into your suitcase, in hopes of joining you on your flight trip!

Well, Etihad Airlines will now spare you the drama and heartbreak, because they now allow your animal friend to fly with you!

Passengers flying on Etihad Airways are now able of paying extra fees, to bring their pets (cats or dogs) with them in the cabin. Yes, you can now have your pup pal in the plane cabin with you!

This is a new policy that came into effect earlier this year. Etihad has welcomed trained service animals, and pet cats and dogs on board since September 30, 2021,” according to The National. However certain rules and regulations apply of course…

The pet must be at least 16-weeks old and weigh no more than 8kg, including the carrier weight. While the passenger must be at least an 18-years-old to bring along his/her pet. Animals will have to properly behave in public, and any form of disruptive behaviour such as growling, biting, jumping or causing damage to the cabin… will simply not be tolerated.

Guests can bring their small pet cats and dogs in the cabin on all flights to, from and via the UAE, provided all travel conditions are met. One adult can bring one pet per flight. This can be increased to two pets if two guests are travelling together, provided the pets are from the same household.” – Etihad Airlines stated. Passengers will also have the option to purchase an adjacent seat for their pets to sit in their carrier.

In Economy, it costs $150 per flight to travel with the cat or dog for a six-hour (or less) flight. $250 will be the fee for flights over six hours long. If the passenger is transiting, then the combined cost will apply.

Unlike the rest of the plane classes, passengers travelling in Business or First Class will have it obligatory to purchase an extra seat in advance for their cat or dog.

Bookings have to be submitted at least 72 hours before travel via an online booking form, declaring details such as the pet’s microchip number, a certified health certificate and a fit-to-travel certificate. Pet owners will also be required to present the veterinary and official documents for animals at the time of check-in.

We can confidently let you know now, that flights will be twice as exciting, with your pet sitting beside you!

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