Petsville Aqua Pawk: The Middle East’s First-Ever Water Park to Open in Dubai!

By Nour El-Miligi

There are many people in this world who pay special care to the wellbeing of everyone, and by everyone, dogs are included! Many of us have been traveling lately, splashing into the cold waters of swimming pools or seas, spoiling ourselves after a long period of lockdown. But, don’t you think that our little puppies deserve the same treatment? We all know dogs are water-friendly and would love to take a plunge in a spacious pool of their own too! 

For UAE dog owners who are looking forward to pampering their furry friends, you now have a way to do so! In order to entertain our animal friends, especially after the long period of turmoil the world is facing due to the coronavirus, Dubai has put our pups’ needs into consideration and decided to open its very first Aqua Park dedicated solely to our canine buddies. A heavenly place where they can cool off from the scorching summer heat and make some pup pals! 

We’re beyond delighted to announce the opening of the Petsville Aqua Pawk in the famous Al Quoz area, considered the very first water park made just for dogs in the Middle East!

The owner of the water park, Amr Youssef, explained that Petsville is actually inspired by an amazing doggie daycare park located in Spain, and it is the newest attraction for dogs in Dubai. The doggy hangout park targets anyone who’s looking into giving their pup the appreciation they deserve, earning them some water-time in a specially designed pool where they can freely wag their tails in excitement.

A soft opening event of Aqua Pawk was held on Thursday, featuring two refreshing pools with water-jets, rain machines, and fountains! It is for sure the perfect ambiance for dogs to cool off! “The dogs were very happy, it’s a great place for them to cool down and exercise safely when it is so hot outside,” said Gabriella Lima, the first visitor of the Pawk. Can’t you see how happy those little cuties are underwater? We have to say it was so hard writing this piece without stopping every few seconds to admire the dogs in the pictures.

The architects behind the project have specially designed pools for dogs that are chlorine-free; the pools are enhanced with carefully selected dermatological substances designed to protect your dog’s skin, all while being non-toxic, hence safe for the accidental swallow. Also, water baths are occupied with a special drain system that cleans the artificial grass regularly, ensuring the pool surroundings are constantly fresh and odor-free.

Private swimming sessions can be reserved from 7-9 in the morning and then from 6-8 in the evening, with the need for dog owners to reserve because the number is limited due to the requirements of social distancing. “We can take up to 50 dogs at a time during daycare, but with human companions, we try to reduce the number just to 10 to keep things under control,” Mr. Youssef clarified.

To double the cuteness, the owner keeps two kennels specially reserved for stray dogs brought by animal shelters. As for the prices, they start off at just 75 dirhams for a two-hour period, and dogs have access to dual-purpose pools for small kennels, one for smaller dogs and the other for larger guests. 

Pet pampering has unsurprisingly reached new heights in recent years; we just get carried away with those puppy eyes and would do anything for them! With their sloppy kisses and the unconditional love they shower us with every day, it’s about time we pay them back!

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