First Week Of Ramadan: 11 Trends People Can’t Stop Talking About 

What makes up a trend? Shares. Once there’s something controversial out there, people start talking. And in the world of social media, talking mostly comes with a share with people we know. In social media terms, this drives traffic, and the topic spreads like a deadly virus: it goes viral. 

So what has gone viral so far in the first week of Ramadan?

Mostafa Abu Seriea’s “El Mal El Halal Ahuh”

The rising star who always delivers a solid comic performance, Mostafa Abu Seriea, singing “El Mal El Halal Ahuh” in ‘Al Atawla,’ has gone super viral on all platforms. It might be its beats, notes, or fun vibes.

We can’t stop singing it, though.

‘Al Atawla’ Song

This song was trending a day before Ramadan, but it’s still making waves until now. People are just shooting videos about how much they love Hoda Eletreby, Noha Abdeen, and the energetic vibes of the song.

Naivety of ‘Ne’ma Al Avocato’

Even if you haven’t watched Mai Omar’s ‘Ne’ma el Avocato,’ you’ve probably seen posts about how naive she is, having given away 10 million pounds without leaving any money for herself. Who does that?

Saba Mubarak’s Red Dress

Not exactly a trend, but Saba Mubarak’s red dress in the first episode of ‘Lahzet Gadab’ has left people posting: “You can’t just say “no” to a red dress.”

Entesar’s Hand Gesture

Entesar in ‘Ashghal Sha’a’ adds a powerful brand of humor. Her mindless ‘from this eye to this eye’ hand gesture has made people take her as a reference for avoiding tasks they don’t want to do.

Ahmed Ezz in “Asmarani Wa Oyono Samra”

This year’s Orange ad had some serious irony since the song’s lyrics said ‘Asmaranai w Oyono Samra’ while the star of the commercial was Ahmed Ezz: not exactly “asmarani.” 

On purpose, huh?

A’la Nesbet Moshahda Spotlighting TikTokers

Salma Abu Deif’s first leading role in a drama is stirring social media platforms, quite literally. Why? Because it talks about social media in a very relatable way, especially TikTok. 

Some TikTokers even synced to an audio on the platform: ‘Is this show talking about us?’ They’re feeling revealed.

Kamel El Addad +1 Dance

As a guy, imagine having your guy friends over and opening the door to find your mom dancing with your stepdad. A bit embarrassing, but it raised the bars of comedy.

“Are We in The 90s?”

In the same ‘Kamel El Adad,’ millennials felt offended when Amina told her brother, Sherif, “Why are you behaving like this? Are we in the 90s?” implying that the 90s were a long time ago.

We took this one personally. 

Language of Al Hashahin

As a big production that can compete with Hollywood, ‘El Hashashin’ has been controversial on social media because the characters speak in the everyday Egyptian dialect, not Fusha. 

Al Madah

Once again delving into the world of jinn and devils, Hamada Helal’s ‘Al Madah’ is the talk of social media, whether it’s Fathy Abdelwahab’s sinister character or the eerie song “Laqenak Habes Fagebak Labes.” It’ll send shivers down your spine.

What Resonated With You?

These were just some of the TV trends happening in the first week of Ramadan. Trends may die, but they may always be resurrected, so never underestimate the power of a trend!

 Let us know what resonated with you the most.

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