This Egyptian Man on ‘Ninja Warrior Bel Arabi’ is Basically Spider-Man

Via Christian Moreau
Via Christian Moreau


We’ve been obsessed with Ninja Warrior for years. Not that it encourages us to stop being couch potatoes or anything, but we simply enjoy watching other people doing things with their bodies that we will never comprehend.


American Ninja Warriors is a televised sports entertainment show. Participants get to display their physical abilities by completing a series of intense obstacles that need supernatural powers. You have to be strong, fit and incredibly fast.


This year, ONtv blessed us with Ninja Warrior bel Arabi and we never knew this kind of talent existed in the Middle East and the Arab world. One man who has left viewers in awe is the first Egyptian man to finish the first stage of obstacles, Mohamed El Saharty.


Is that our Spider-Man or what? The competition was fierce, the obstacles were basically physically impossible to complete, but he did them all. Even that insane wall climb at the end, after you’re literally drained of life, looked like a piece of cake.



Watch the intense challenge below and don’t forget to breathe:




WE SAID THIS: No surprise there, El Saharty is an African gymnastic champion.