Find out Why Kuwait Banned ‘The Beauty and the Beast’

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The live-action remake of the classic “Beauty and the Beast” broke box-office records. According to BBC, it had the biggest weekend opening for any PG film, with an opening weekend revenue of $350m around the world. That, however, didn’t stop the movie from causing some controversy.


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The movie also made huge earnings in the Arab world. However, not all Arabs were lucky enough to watch the movie.


Beauty and the Beast reportedly got banned in Kuwait after less than one week of having it screened at the movies, with the last showing happening Monday night. People who already reserved their tickets got a message from the National Cinema Company saying that further showing had been canceled due to unforeseen difficulties.


A board member in The National Cinema Company also publicly stated:

“We were requested to stop the screening and further censor the movie for things that were deemed offensive by the Ministry of Information’s censorship department.”


Kuwait is not the only country that banned the movie. Malaysia also did as well as Russia.


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Further investigation revealed the reason of the banning which was LeFou, a character played by Josh Gad that is homosexual. Gad’s  character has been causing controversy worldwide as well as in the Arab world, with people attacking Disney for making LeFou gay in their latest live-action movie. Others came to the movie’s defense and stated that LeFou has always been homosexual, dating back to the original animated Disney 1991 movie.



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