Central Bank of Egypt’s Fake Facebook Page Is Everything You Could Ever Ask For

The Egyptian Central Bank is seen in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, May 20, 2005. Photographer: Eduardo Rossi/Bloomberg News

We’ve been coming across some very hilarious Facebook posts by the Central Bank of Egypt Facebook page for months, and only recently have they confirmed that the page, along with every statement they’ve made, is fake. We still chose to keep following it, just to feel a little bit closer to the establishment that is making our life a living hell.


The page’s posts are as random as it gets. It might be a parody page, yet we suggest you all follow it just for fun because the comments are truly out of this world.



Here are some of the times the admin made no sense:


The post reads: Three months are left.



The post reads: Enough with the word “flotation.” Let’s say “freeing” instead.



The post reads: The Central Bank’s Chairman apparently said, “We now spend over 2 billion dollars a year to purchase smartphones.



The post reads: Congratulations, Essam Hadary.



The post reads: The dollar’s value shall decrease when faced with the Egyptian pound within the next six months.



WE SAID THIS: Stay delusional, Central bank of Egypt because we’re enjoying it!