Fashion Trust Arabia: The Organization Supporting Talent Across the Region

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By Sarah Alblowi

If you’re a dedicated fashion designer and ever wished to expand your brand, read along.

Fashion Trust Arabia is a non-profit organization that aids in financially helping deserving designers in the Middle East and North Africa. Awarding them with guidance in order to reach full potential and get the most out of opportunities. The annual prize is awarded to women’s wear in the four categories; evening wear, ready-to-wear, accessories, and fine jewelry. The brands receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow and nourish their business. The lucky 25 finalist have been announced, and here they are!

Amna Asalem

Kuwaiti Designer, Amna Asalem, was featured in Vogue and is famous for symmetry and aesthetics in her designs. Simple yet powerful, the artist uses the universe for inspiration.


The couture house selling dresses like art pieces, over-sized ruffles to unique capes and designs. The Lebanese fashion house is jaw-dropping.


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Urban and futuristic, more unique than off-white. Bring out your inner Kanye West with this high-end street wear.

Boyfriend The Brand

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Don’t underestimate the name, worn by her highness queen Rania, the smart casual brand is a celebrity favorite in the region.

Donna Hourani Fine Jewelry

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Using high-quality precious gemstones, Donna believes in life’s simple pleasures. Ethically picked and using women to perfect each piece, the brand stands for different good causes including selling pieces for charity in each stunning collection.

Hamza Guelmouss

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A young Moroccan designer with big dreams, the multiple award-winner brand is home to an edgy biker look.

Hussein Bazaza

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Giving us glamorous Oscar De Le Renta style puffy dresses, imprinted with nature-inspired patterns. The brand speaks elegance into existence with its Cinderella gowns.

Joanna Laura Constantine

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Spreading feminine vibes, the sensual brand evokes emotions in a unique mix of materials. The jewelry brand introduce different pops of color and statements that scream individuality.

Karim Adduchi



Incorporating ancient and modern patterns with a variety of fabrics to spoil your body. Fitted blazers to sexy V-necks and open backs. The young designer amazingly made it to the ‘Forbes Under 30’ list and we can’t help but feel proud!

Karma Salman

Due to her love of animals and jewelry, the Lebanese-American beauty found her calling. With her degree in fine arts, the designer finds inspiration in architectural shapes and her line is hands-down fascinating.



A brand for the bold, the type that makes people give you a second look and start whispers. If you dare to stand out, carry their crystal ball like Kylie Jenner or a full blown out orange suit with a sexy nightgown like Sofia Riche.


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Who needs red bottom shoes when you can get something more exclusive? Impelled with leather and straps, the edgy brand upgrades any outfit.

Krikor Jabotian

Very Marie Antoinette inspired, go back in time in a good way. The medieval glam inspired feather and ruffles give us a high couture fever.


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Worn by Queen Bey herself, Okhtein doesn’t need an introduction. The dainty metal handle and shoulder chain offer funky vintage vibes; can we take a moment to get a peek at their Valentines collection? Pink and red leather, we’re melting!

Nafsika Skourti

Bringing the ’90s back, with spaghetti straps and denim on denim. Modern and cool, the Jordan-based brand will make you feel like the freshest kids on the block.

Mukhi Sisters



Home of quirky jewelry that bring out the power in women. The three sisters are third generation fine jewelers that bring strong women together.

Poise Design

Heels and baby shoes, the brand is the cutest thing ever! Fresh picnic styled designs, perfect for hot summers. A true shoe addict knows a pair can make or break an outfit.


Far from your average Zara, the appealing brand will guarantee you dress in way no none else can copy.

Roni Helou

Classy and minimalistic, awesome for coat lovers. Dressing modestly is a piece of cake with the Lebanon-based ready-to-wear brand.  

Sabry Marouf

With a touch of ancient Egyptian heritage, each bag tells a story. Posing as a piece of art, the bag represents culture and exploration that proudly represent the owners’ background.


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Meaning “seashell” in Arabic, it’s all about the beach! All handmade in Egypt, each clutch has an identity; a mixture of African art and vintage touches with a modern finish.

Salim Azzam

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Storytelling through illustrative embroidery, using simple symbolism and Arabic writing to print on blazers and tops. Very interesting to walk around with a meaningful message!

Sandra Mansour

No one does dramatic sleeves like them! The ready-to-wear brand from Beirut is known for their delicacy in fabrics and designs. The attention to details provides brides with a trusting luxury house.  


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Handmade in Morocco, the traditional pointy Moroccan slippers with kitten heels, a variation of furry balls, and embellished details. Amazing when paired with a kimono or a kaftan!

Yasmin Mansour

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Based in Qatar and recognized internationally, her silhouettes are heavenly, bringing out the inner goddess in every woman.

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