Special Needs Students’ Educational Hall Inaugurated at Ain Shams University

Via Ain Shams University.

In a sincere, praise-worthy step towards empowering those with special needs in Cairo, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research inaugurated the first educational hall particularly designed for students with special needs.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University, Dr. Suzan Al-Kellany, stated that Ethedico Petrochemical Company has been working on the hall for some time, making sure it is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art means to serve students with a disability at the faculty.

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, Ethedico Petrochemical Company provided the university with financial, as well as logistical, support to build the hall.

On Thursday, 7th of February, the inauguration ceremony saw a number of public officials present including the Governors of both Cairo and Alexandria, the President of Ain Shams, the President of the Egyptian Holding Company for Petrochemicals, and the President of Ethedico Petrochemical Company.

With customized computers, high-speed internet, speakers, and electronic projectors, the hall is designed to provide full integration of students with disabilities. In addition to providing all the necessary means to facilitate their educational journey.

Via Watani.

Moreover, the hall will house diverse educational services for students such as training courses and workshops to help them qualify for the work after graduation.

This is, however, not the only service that the University of Ain Shams offers. In fact, there are subsidized books and tuition fee reductions, and most importantly, the staff always keeps an open dialogue with students on various social media platforms and takes several recommendations into consideration.

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