Faces Who Changed the Fitness Game in Egypt: Sandra Abdalla


A new year is upon us, and with it comes our annual pledges to make healthier choices. Whether it’s replacing smoking with spinning, opting to run on Friday mornings instead of staying out all night Thursday, or snacking on Bake Stix instead of binging on ice cream, we can always do more to limit self-destructive habits.

In honor of those health-conscious resolutions to live well, we’re highlighting inspiring personalities who have changed the fitness game in Egypt.

Every year, it seems like a new, revolutionary fitness trend comes along with its own philosophy, set of moves and suite of equipment that promises to get you fit for real this time.

But trainers know that there is no one-program-fits-all model. With extensive experience and certification in a range of traditional and progressive training styles, WORKOUT Senior Fitness Instructor Sandra Abdalla creates programmes that fit the requirements of individuals.

Get Sandra’s take on healthy living in her own words, below:



In your opinion, what’s the biggest fitness mistake people make?


Following fitness fads that are built on hype and taught by instructors who don’t have enough credentials or experience, and later will do more harm than good.



What’s one obstacle you’ve faced in your fitness journey and how did you overcome it?


Witnessing so many instructors inflict exercise routines and moves that are controversial or even banned from the fitness field that will lead to chronic injuries later, and not being able to say anything about it.



Give us one piece of advice about healthy living.


Can I make them three?

1. The body has no spare parts, so workout slowly but surely, intensely but with poise, and with a credible and experienced instructor who monitors you and has a grasp of your body and your needs, even in a group session. Check your instructors’ credentials.

2. Health and wellness start from within. So a positive relationship with the body, food and exercise is the foundation.

3. Stay away from any form of supplements. If you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients, then the body doesn’t know what to do with it either and it will harm the body in the long run. Be disciplined, hydrate, sleep, be happy, and you will look and feel fabulous.

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