Exclusive Through Nelly Karim’s Lens: The ‘Omla Nadra’ Star Shares Her Photography Passion

From ballet to starting conversations with her acting roles, Egyptian actress Nelly Karim adds one more title to her never-ending list, photographer. Capturing her own experience on the Ramadan show, ‘Omla Nadra’ where she plays a woman from Upper Egypt fighting for her husband’s will for her son, facing a power struggle against her in-laws. So we spoke to Karim to learn more about her passion for photography and inspirations as she shoots her scenes in Upper Egypt.

The ‘Omla Nadra’ star kicked off our conversation by enthusiastically saying, “I just love art in all its forms.” Explaining that she was always on set not in her caravan, Karim described how the crew and everyone in the show’s team was part of her inspiration in capturing such vivid photographs. She says, “always being with the crew those working behind the camera and in front of it was so inspirational for me.”

Hammering on her appreciation for photography and those behind the camera, Karim said, “I enjoy the process of art with photography. I truly appreciate those working behind the camera, I respect how hard the job is and how sensitive it is…the crew is the first and last to leave the set so this has been inspirational for me [and] the director of photography is so important and at the end of the day a big part of cinema is the visual.”

In addition to Omla Nadra’s team, Karim explained how the atmosphere of Upper Egypt was the ultimate inspiration for her own photography; “the atmosphere in Upper Egypt inspires and you’re always surrounded by nature, giving you a boost of creativity.”

Raving about Upper Egypt as if taking us on a trip, Karim said, “the Upper Egypt is beautiful with such beautiful nature. Even the dress is empowering, when I wore the Jalabeya I felt powerful. A powerful place and powerful people.”

We ended our chat by talking feedback and the multi-talented described the audience’s reaction, “I’m excited for the series and I’m loving the reaction. It’s not about being trending, it’s about doing good work and people watch a timeless piece it’s not just for now…effective work is timeless.”

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