EXCLUSIVE: This Native Urban Style Photo Shoot is Today’s Dose of Art

The local fashion industry has developed dramatically over the last several years. An influx of new talents and opportunists has flooded the market. Like all things; with the good comes the bad, but still, a certain zeitgeist has formed within those who are truly talented and has led this observer to an interesting question. What are our native artists suggesting is the new Cairo urban look?

When you look at every major city in the world there is a common aesthetic, or ‘Style’ for the layman, that prevails most collections and evolves collectively over the years. New York is known for their modern simplicity, Paris for their classic details. So what is Cairo known for fashion-wise? By looking at the current collections of many local designers and dissecting them into trends, we noticed a couple of prevailing trends that are recurring across several designers propositions for the winter season of 2017/2018. The two dominant trends that we noticed are: 

The unconventional use of denim; We are not talking about simply distressed jeans, but some truly experimental innovations such as deconstructed, embellished, hand painted, tailored and couture denim. in addition to the dominance of prints in both ready to wear and couture, prints have been a trend worldwide for quite some time, but the resident artist of Cairo is in love with all kinds of prints, from florals to baroque to abstract.

Now with these two trends pinpointed the natural next step was to produce an editorial photo shoot, so here is our interpretation of our Native Urban Style.

Denim Dress by Temraza
Blazer by Vivian Mowaad, Denim Belt by Nob Designs, Bag by Les Miniatures
Hand Painted Denim Jacket by Canvas Label, Skirt by Nob Designs
Coat by Nob Designs, Statement Necklace by Reem Jano
Top by Nob Designs, Skirt by Dina Shaker, Bag by Zaam
Denim Top worn as a jacket & shirt skirt by Dina Shaker, Hand painted top by Nob Designs, Bag by Zaam
Romper by Vivian Mowaad, Jacket by Nob Designs
Vest by Nob Designs, Shirt by Zaam, Corset by Vivian Mowaad, Bag by Les Miniatures, Necklace by Reem Jano

Shoot details:
Abdallah Rushdi
Stylist and Art Director: Ahmed Nabil
Model: Rawan Karem
Makeup Artist: Nesma Ghoneim
Shot at: Babi Studios

WE SAID THIS: Let us know what you think of the trend-shoot.