Everything You Need To Know About Scoop Empire’s New Podcast, Starring Mark Somers!

Teaming up with the English radio host, Mark Somers, Scoop Empire will bring you new content for your ears. For all the podcast lovers who aren’t that into reading or even watching videos, this is for you. Somers will be the host of Scoop Empire’s new podcast, giving you the daily scoop and laughter. Here’s all you need to know about Mark Somers and “Behind The Scoop.”

Mark Somers

Somers has been serving entertainment since the age of 17, literally around the globe. While he started as a radio host in the UK, he’s moved to Egypt nine years ago and has been waking people up since 2013. He started his career in Egypt by hosting the Morning Show on the radio station, Nile FM. On working in Egypt, Somers said, “It was the best thing I ever did.”

He likes the hustle and bustle of Cairo, the people’s sense of humor, and ironically, Egyptian cats! Somers used to think that cats are evil work of the devil, but over the span of his nine years in Cairo, he’s had 10 cats.

On radio, Somers believes that while radio shows have faded away around the world, they’ve lasted longer in the Middle East. As different mediums take off, what with streaming, Spotify, and podcasts, radio is getting outdated. However, he’s eager to get on the trend and do a podcast.

For the past six months, he’s been working on a podcast idea. Being someone who listens to podcasts regularly, be it about science, celebrity gossip, news, economics, or politics, doing his own podcast has been in the works for a while. Somers said, “I just want to say things. I can’t get out of the habit of constantly looking for stuff to talk about.” Keeping up with everything that’s been happening in the world, Somers can’t stay put.

Naturally, he took matters into his own hands and cooperated with Scoop Empire to do his own podcast. It’s going to be his first podcast, and it can’t get better than this. He’s been looking for the right people to do it with, and it’s finally happening. Scoop Empire and Somers are working together to bring you what’s behind the Scoop.

The Podcast: “Behind the Scoop”

“Behind The Scoop” will be a daily podcast about culture, news, and entertainment. However, that’s not all it is about. There will be famous guests, as well as people who aren’t that famous. The podcast will start a dialogue about what everyday life is like. There will be relatable conversations for everyday listeners. It will be where you can find out about people’s lives and their stories.

As a new part of Scoop Empire’s team, Somers is going to bring on his colleagues as guests on the podcast for quick updates about what’s going on around the Middle East and the world. They’re going to discuss issues and ideas, as well as keep up with the world.

It’s never boring around the world; there’s always something going on to talk about. That’s what the podcast will be covering. From different major events such as Egyptian Women’s Day which will open the door for us to discuss vital women’s issues to popular films and upcoming Ramadan shows. Stay tuned for the diverse conversations that Mark will be exploring on “Behind The Scoop.”

Listen on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Google Podcast, Anghami, Amazon Music, and of course Scoop Empire!

WE SAID THIS: Make sure to tune in to the podcast, as according to Mark Somers, “There is fantastic stuff coming up!”