Everyone in the Netherlands Is Obsessed with This Teen Syrian Refugee’s Voice


Jean, a 13 year-old Syrian refugee, is a living reminder that there’s light at the end of every tunnel.


Jean and his family have gone through a lot of horrors and obstacles; from leaving their lives and abandoning everything they’ve owned back home, to luckily making it to the Netherlands and living in a refugee camp. But again, there’s light at the end of each tunnel. The dark horse, Jean, stole everyone’s heart with his audition for the hit TV talent show “The Voice Kids.


His rendition for Rihanna’s “Diamonds” set the crowd wild, as well as every single one of the judges. Although Jean does not speak Dutch, he spoke in perfect English. “I came here to the Netherlands six months ago. I’d like to thank COA for helping me and my family in our camp. I also want to thank you for making my dream of singing come true,” Jean said.



WE SAID THIS: We here at Scoop Empire are very happy for Jean and wish him the best of luck.