Events For Your Diary This Year

The last few years have been some of the most eventful of modern times and 2022 is set to have plenty of huge moments too. Read on for some events for your diary this year.

Brighton Pride

The pandemic has meant that Brighton pride hasn’t taken place since 2019. As the UK’s most popular and vibrant pride event, this is set to be one of the most celebrated events of the year given the delay. You could make a weekend of it by booking train tickets to Brighton and avoiding the hassle of having to make a long drive before finding a parking space.

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are being hosted in Beijing this year. From Feb. 4 to Feb. 20, athletes from around the world will compete in a variety of winter events from skiing to curling and ice hockey. You can watch the drama unfold across different TV channels in the UK.

Queen’s Jubilee

The UK is celebrating 70 years on the throne for Queen Elizabeth II this year. There are planned celebrations in June which should put the country in a good mood. But there will also be plenty of analysis about the course of the Queen’s reign and the country Britain is today.

French Election

The French election is also scheduled this year and it’s set to be fiercely contested. Emmanuel Macron has been in charge since 2017 after defeating extremist opponents. But this year Macron is set to take on the far right again, with the result being crucial for European politics.

World Cup

Football’s World Cup is heading to Qatar this winter and it’s been extremely controversial. Usually, World Cups are held in the summer and this drastic change to the calendar has bewildered fans. With Qatar’s poor human rights record, there’s set to be stern analysis and reporting when the tournament begins.

New Space Station

China’s new space station is set to become operational late this year. With rocket launches finishing completion in August and September, this development could yet begin another nationalistic race as China, USA and Russia jostle for prestige in space.

2022 is packed with planned events already across the world and that’s before you consider any surprise events. With some positive and some worrying events emerging, this year looks like it will at least be memorable.

WE SAID THIS: 2022 might be a year of hardships but it is also a year of entertainment.