Escape To Paradise With The Most Exotic Island Getaways Across The Region

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer which means that summer is just around the corner, that means relaxing on a pristine white beach that overlooks endless crystal blue waters. It’s the ultimate summer destination and that is why we’ve sourced together the most beautiful and secluded island getaways across the region that deserve a visit.

Masirah Island, Oman

Driving 480 km across the Omani coast from Muscat followed by taking a 90-minute ferry ride, you’ll find yourself arriving at Masirah, Oman’s remote desert island. It is considered every kite surfer’s dream as it’s home to strong shore winds and enormous waves. Beyond that, visitors can enjoy a walk across its golden sandy beaches or take part in snorkeling or diving excursions. Even just standing on the shoreline, you may be lucky enough to spot migratory dolphins and humpback whales.

Failaka Island, Kuwait

Sitting 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City is Failaka island, a destination in the region that is becoming a tourist magnet. Packed with rich history, the island was inhabited by people since ancient times, as far back as 3 BCE. Today, it’s an adventure and entertainment packed haven where visitors can kayak across its pristine waters, zap around its pathways on scooters or visit its horse stables. There is something for everyone at Kuwait’s special island getaway.

Djerba, Tunisia

For the ultimate escapade, Djerba is the place to go as it is not just home to crystal blue waters but also to quaint white-washed villages with winding alleyways, colorful artistic murals and bright blue shuttered houses. Aside from that, the island is home to rich Jewish history where visitors can check out the ancient El Ghriba synagogue that is more than 2000 years old.

Farasan Island, Saudi Arabia

Beyond its expansive desert landscape, Saudi Arabia is home to one of the region’s most beautiful islands. Sitting 50 kilometers off the coast of Jizan are the Farasan Islands, an archipelago made of more than 80 islands with the largest and most popular being Farasan island. It boasts pristine coral reefs that make for epic scuba diving expeditions as well as world-class bird species like that of the white eyed seagull perfect for a birdwatching excursion.

Habibas Island, Algeria

Located just off the north coast of Algeria is Habibas island, a spot that is often overlooked by travelers, save for the French and Italians who venture to it for a taste of adventure. It does deserve more recognition as this hidden gem boasts a pristine coast, lush mountains and green foothills. The location is almost completely secluded and uninhabited with the exception of the lighthouse keeper. If you’re craving that quiet and relaxing island experience, then you should hit it up this summer.

Mahmya Island, Egypt

To a lot of people, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are the ultimate destinations for a summer vacation but among these two localities is a special island that also deserves equal recognition. Dubbed Mahmya island, you can reach it by taking a 45-minute boat ride from Hurghada. There you’ll find crystal clear waters and golden beaches, making it the perfect place to chill, sunbathe and snorkel.

Picking out any of these island destinations across the region will all depend on your personal preference as each island boasts a unique landscape and offers different experiences that can be enjoyed either alone or with friends and family. All these islands are easily accessible either by car, boat or ferry and provide visitors with a new and refreshing way to unwind and relax.

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