Enjy Kiwan On Bullying: Words Don’t Cost A Thing

Don’t try to tell us you haven’t been bullied before. No matter how successful, beautiful, fun or fit you are, there’s always going to be someone who wants to bully you. We all know what bullying is very well when we mention it. However just to be safe, bullying is when someone exhibits aggressive behavior towards someone else; or makes negative, critical comments about someone else’s appearance or behavior. It can be in real life or on social media, also known as cyberbullying. Meanwhile, TV presenter Enjy Kiwan takes it upon herself to address a message to bullies. See what Enjy said on bullying!

On Instagram: Enjy Kiwan On Bullying

In the video she states that social media has its positives and negatives. She’s been bullied in school before, and it has affected her negatively. Yet, she managed to turn this into a positive experience for herself. As a grown woman and mother, she gets cyberbullied. Enjy says she is amazed by how written words in comments or messages can be so hurtful and destroy someone’s self-esteem.

The TV presenter gets bullied regularly on social media, and after some research, she noticed that half of her bullies are men, and the other half are mothers. Kiwan wondered how those men have nothing better to do with their lives. What’s even more mesmerizing are those mothers putting other women down, who should be more concerned about their children being bullied. Or even worse, be bullies themselves.

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Enjy admits that it hurts her to the core when her son tells her he’s received some negative comments that hurt him. Her son told her that he thinks those bullies are bad people, because their families are bad people. She advised parents to be more careful with what they say around their kids, because perhaps one day they could imitate them and someone else will have the same outlook on them like her son did.

“Happy people don’t talk like that” – Kiwan

Kiwan stated that she’s received comments or seen posts about her that talk about how disgraceful she is as a mother. It doesn’t stop amazing her how people are spending so much energy on bullying, instead of doing something productive with their lives. Assuming those people just want to get that negative energy out of their system, she advises them to do it with their friends or family. Why comment or send a message to whom it concerns and bash their self-esteem, or their mood?

Such hurtful words might and do scar people for life. Enjy worries so much about her kids, and wants to protect them from bullies or from being bullies themselves. She tries to teach them through leading by example, and wishes other parents would do the same to save future generations from the lasting damage bullying instills.

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