Emirates NBD’s Mother’s Day Video Literally Sums up Every Mommy’s Life

Although every day should be a day to celebrate and show appreciation for all the mothers around us, today is the day we do it officially. Regardless of whether you celebrate it with flowers, cute gifts, online posts, brunch, or even helping out with the daily chores, you must celebrate it.

Emirates NBD celebrated mothers’ day with this super cute video’s catchy song, and it literally sums up every mommy’s life. The video poetically showcases the struggle of every mother around us; between her home, family, career, social life, and her non-existent personal space.

A mom’s life is a two-way street, one side of her needs her space, her time, her career, her self-freedom to do whatever she wants. The other needs her family’s love, her kids’ attention, and her house to be perfect. Being a mother is tough, and to add to this, mothers suffer from a continuous societal pressure about whether or not, what they’re doing is right. Show all the mothers around your appreciation, respect, and the support they need and deserve.

In addition to celebrating the Mothers’ Day and showing that we appreciate the tough life they lead, Emirates NBD is sending a beautiful message to all the mommy’s out there with the end of the video. “Don’t feel guilty, you’re doing everything you can, your the best mommy”! We hope that every mother out there gets the message and understand that they are always appreciated, not only on the 21st of March.

WE SAID THIS: Happy Mother’s Day!