El Gouna’s Love Affair with Cairo Symphony Orchestra

After the wild El Gouna Grand Slam 2016 night, we woke up feeling like we wanted nothing but the scorching sun and serene waters of the beach to touch us (then again, that’s every day). We headed to the beach where El Gouna Big Air was taking place and kitesurfers were soaring high, getting lost in the beautiful skies of El Gouna. When we returned to our hotel room, we found a letter from Orascom waiting for us that made us squeal. It was an invitation to the exquisite romantic affair party by the illustrious Cairo Symphony Orchestra.



We dressed ourselves to the nines and headed to the event, where we  bumped into Magda Omara (one of the members of Cairo Symphony Orchestra) who told us she was excited to perform in El Gouna as it was their first time.

“We’re actually about to head to a tour in Europe, but I’m so glad that we had to make a final stop here in El Gouna. The setup for the event has been perfectly organized and I’m so pleased to be here. Especially because it’s my first time,” Omara told us.

We were then welcomed by a familiar and friendly face, Taymour Hosny, the Marketing Director of El Gouna.

“We owe it all to the media and the press,” he told us. “We’re showing the beauty of our country together. The Grand Slam 2016 was a success, but for us it wasn’t just about the event, it was to prove to others that something of that caliber can come out of Egypt.”


Filled with excitement, feeling as classy as the Great Gatsby, the orchestra began and we knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary event. It was an experience, witnessing performers sharing a belief in music as a vehicle for social change. It demanded to not just be seen, but felt.




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