Travel Back in Time and Win Massive Prizes at Citystars Shopping Festival

The country’s biggest shopping mall, Citystars, is celebrating its 10th birthday by throwing the biggest shopping party Egypt has ever seen. The celebrations have begun and are continuing until May. What to expect? Well, let’s just say Citystars will take you back to “el zaman el gameel” of shopping, which means three things: promotion, decorations and, of course, entertainment.




The first and only rule of this shopping festival is to keep your receipt (worth 400 EGP or more). Bring it to any of the information desks located inside the mall for the chance to enter the raffle draw and win massive prizes. By massive, we mean MASSIVE! As in an Alfa Romeo Guillietta or six international tickets from EgyptAir and more. BUT (notice the big “but”), in order to win, you must attend the raffle draws that will be held on April 14 and May 12 at Atrium. Make sure you have your national ID with you and the coupon that the information desk will give you.




As for the entertainment, Citystars has basically gathered the country’s top bands, from Funk Off (who will cover your favorite Top 40 songs) to Los Compadres (who will take you to Cuba and back) and more so you’re guaranteed a treat for your ears while shopping.

If you think that’s it, you’ve thought wrong. Two well-known stylists (we’re keeping it on the DL right so they don’t kill us) will be styling three stores’ windows according to a specific decade (20s, 50s or 80s). Last but not least, El Mowaten Al-Masry, AKA Alaa El Sheikh, will be taking over the mall with his hilarious best friend and TeleScoop season 1 co-host, Ahmed El-Hareedy, and asking people the most important question: “Ta3raf eh 3an el fashion?” Needless to say, we are very excited and so should you.



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