Egypt’s State Prosecution Opens an Investigation After Fire Breaks Out on Cairo-Ismailia Road Injuring 17 People

By Malak Khaled

Yesterday a major fire erupted on Cairo-Ismailia highway due to a leak from the Shokeir-Mostorod oil pipeline next to the busy highway, injuring 17 people. According to Egypt’s petroleum ministry, a spark caused by passing cars set crude oil coming from the pipeline in flames.

The pipeline’s valves were immediately closed and authorities closed the highway and asked people to avoid it. Videos of the huge fire went viral on social media, showing people running and three residents pulling an injured person away from the flaming highway.

Ambulances were dispatched to rush injured people, who were suffering from burns and smoke inhalation, to the nearest hospital. Cairo Governor Khaled Abdallah said that 20 fire engines from civil protection in Cairo and Ismailia hurried to the scene to put out the fire. He also said that the fire destroyed about 31 cars and a car dealership located close to the highway.

The state prosecution has opened an investigation and dispatched a team to look into the incident.

WE SAID THIS: What a horrific incident!