Egypt’s Best Professional Cleaning Companies

With the upcoming start of the school season, families may be ready to close up their beach house at Egypt’s North Coast. Others may be moving to a new house. With people working full time, they may not have the time to do the required cleaning needed for both. Even general cleaning in itself can be a hassle and a time consuming activity. It will require for you to have certain cleaning products on hand as well as the time required to clean the space. If it is a big house with several rooms, it may take at a least 2 hours or more.

Cleaning companies can be a good solution to help do the cleaning for the family. There are several companies open around Cairo and each one offers several types of cleaning services with varying price ranges. We have provided some of the top companies you can check out.

Total Fix Solutions

Located in 6 October, Total Fix Solutions is a facility services company that offers home and office maintenance services that range from cleaning to pest control. For homes, they mainly offer deep cleaning either for when you are moving in or out of a house or for when you want to clean up after construction. They also offer general thorough cleaning.

Knowing that the kitchen is the one room in the house that gets the most use, it can require a more extensive type of cleaning so Total Fix Solutions do offer kitchen cleaning services in addition to deep cleaning. Other than indoor spaces, they also do outdoor cleaning. If you have a pool, they offer water tank cleaning services as well as façade cleaning where they clean the exterior of your building.

Prices: To find out the cost of their services, you will need to request a quotation through their website.

INO cleaning

Opened since 2010, INO cleaning is a company that provides cleaning, disinfection and pest control services. Its headquartered in New Cairo. With cleaning, they offer daily, basic and deep cleaning services. For daily cleaning, they offer both one time and regular weekly cleaning visits. For each room in the house, they offer different services. For example, for the kitchen, they remove dust from windows as well as polish and wipe floors while for the bedrooms, they would change the bedsheets. A more detailed chart of their services can be found here.

With deep cleaning, they focus on kitchen cleaning, post construction services, the opening and closing of summer houses as well as the cleaning of abandoned houses. They also offer extensive furniture cleaning from carpets to couches.

Prices: To find out the cost of their services, you will need to request a quotation through their website.


Opened in 2014, FilKhedma are known mainly for their maintenance services that include plumbing and electricity, they also specialize in a wide range of cleaning services which include regular cleaning, after construction cleaning, deep cleaning and move in cleaning. They also can travel to the North Coast to provide move in cleaning as well as general cleaning.

Prices: To find out the cost of their services, you will need to request a quotation through their website or call 19125.


Since 2016, located in Nasr City, Jinni has been providing cleaning and disinfection services for residential and corporate entities. In terms of their cleaning, they offer several types. They have regular cleaning which is offered when the house has been last cleaned 2 weeks prior to the appointment. Their prices start from 285 EGP for regular cleaning.

They also offer seasonal cleaning which is specifically for houses that have been closed for two or more months. It also applies to summer or winter houses. There is also move-in cleaning for when the house is done with construction. The price for both services is 12 EGP per sqm. For the most extensive form of cleaning, there is the option of deep cleaning costing 12 EGP per sqm.

Busy Bees Group

Operating in both Dubai and Egypt, the Busy Bees Group have been cleaning homes and corporate entities since 2008. They offer tailored made services based on the needs of their clients. They also offer the typical cleaning services that range from move in cleaning, deep cleaning, North Coast and Sokhna services and furniture cleaning and protecting.

For customers who would like to use their services in a more long term fashion, they can opt for one of the four yearly packages offered by the company. Each package includes a collection of services the customer will have available each year. Their lowest package, the Service package includes a total of 6 visits while the Diamond package, their highest, includes 19 visits, 5 of which are deep cleaning services.

Prices: To check out their prices, they offer a detailed catalogue of each service on their website.

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