10 DIY Cleaning Hacks all Young Arabs can Ease Themselves With

With technological advancements in science, our lives have surely been made easier. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t get even easier with some good old-fashioned DIY homemade ideas. Scoop presents you 10 cleaning hacks that you can use in your daily life. With the help of some easy tools and recipes that are surely in your house, get ready for a variety of explorations with these cleaning hacks!

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Flour to clean your dirty cooking pans

After using the pan, regardless of how much greasy things you put in it, just spray some flour in it. Let the flour absorb the grease and oil, then when it’s dry, you can scrub it off. The flour will come out with all the dirt and grease of the pan, and it will be as good as new.

Baking soda and vinegar to clean wood

Spray baking soda on wood you want to clean. Rub it in, then vinegar on it. The two components together will mix and effervesce, and then you can wash it out and the wood will be as clean as it can get!

Shaving cream to clean red stains and rusty surfaces

If you spill spaghetti on your carpet or ketchup on your shirt, it’s not a hopeless case just yet. Just apply shaving cream on it and let it soak in, then once you clean the cream with a cloth, the sauce will come off with it. Try it! Another thing that can be cleaned using shaving cream is any rusty metal surface. Once you put the cream on it, the rust will be washed away with the cream.

Slime to clean tight small spaces

Yes, slime can clean your laptop’s keyboard, phone sockets, window edges, or basically any surface that is too small for a cleaning cloth to get in or wipe. It works like magic.

Baby shampoo to clean makeup brushes

After you’ve used your makeup brushes, you can soak it in water and then scrub the hairs of the brush using baby shampoo. It’s actually more effective and faster than any other product.

Coca-Cola to clean the ground

If your ground has any stains on it or grease, just put some Coca-Cola on it and scrub it with a brush. The grease will come right off! This one might surprise you, but it’s true.

Toothpaste to clean plastics and silver

If your earphones, that white sneaker you have made of rubber or leather, or even your engagement ring is dirty, just apply some toothpaste to it! Toothpaste, once brushed into silver, rubber or plastic, will restore your items. And the best thing is, everyone has toothpaste!

Coffee filters to clean screens

Any smudges on your TV screen or computer can be easily wiped away using coffee filters. They just suck the dirt right up!

Salt and foil to clean your iron

To clean your iron and guarantee your freshly ironed clothes are clean, use salt. Spread a piece of foil, and spray some salt on it. Turn the iron on and rub it on the salt using just heat, no steam. Any dirt or rust will be cleaned off and good as new!

Lemon to clean your oven or microwave

If your oven or microwave have greasy stains all over the inside of them, here’s an efficient and cheap solution. Use a dish that withstands heat, pour some water and a couple of cut up lemons into it. Next, heat the oven or microwave, making sure the water vapor mixed with the lemon evaporates all over. Then, using a damp sponge, just wipe off the grease. The whole process just takes a couple of minutes, with no need to tire your hands by scrubbing!

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