Egyptian Women Are Celebrating As 98 Female Judges Are Sworn Into State Council

Egypt’s State Council has been around for 75 years, with men leading the way. That is changing under the presidential reign of Al-Sisi! As of yesterday, 98 female judges joined the State Council of Egypt. That marks a new start for Egypt’s judicial system and the women of Egypt.

At 8 a.m. on the 19th of October, the 98 women gathered at the headquarters of the State Council for their oath ceremony. They all were sworn in yesterday, with the attendance of the President of the Council and all its members.

Via Al Ahram.

The State Council handles all kinds of work, such as disciplinary cases, administrative disputes, appeals, as well as drafting new laws and making decisions. With so many female voices, women’s issues and needs are expected to be more heard and taken into consideration.

The council’s chief judge Mohammed Hossam El-Din commented on their appointment saying, “They are an important addition to the State Council.” As he hopes that they will work together to achieve the values of justice of the State Council.

Via Al Ahram.

“This is a memorable day. It is a dream for us and for past generations as well. Being a woman in one of the chief judiciary institutions in Egypt and the Arab world was a dream.”

Said Radwa Helmy, one of the new judges.

In previous years, women have fought to get on the council, applying and getting rejected. However, it finally happened in March 2021 that Al-Sisi announced his decision to have women as judges in the State Council. Women have celebrated that decision since and a brighter future definitely seems to be in sight. It finally happened this month when the women were transferred from the State Lawsuits Authority and the Administrative Prosecution to State Council.

“This is a great day to us to be the first batch of female members of the council, which was established in 1946, and we hope to be a good addition to the council… the appointment is a victory for Egyptian women.”

Said Counselor Hind Ahmed.

What women have fought for for years is finally happening. This is a historical moment where women are getting in more powerful positions. That decision also proves the government’s plans and efforts to empower women, especially politically.

“The State Council is the bulwark of rights and freedoms.. we swear that we live up to the responsibility, and preserve the rights of Egyptian citizens.”

Said Counselor Iman Sharif.

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