Egyptian Tour Guide Brilliantly Promotes Tourism with Creative Social Media Videos


For the past few years, Egypt has been trying to survive the economic and touristic chaos. Our country, that used to have some of the top touristic sites in the world, has been suffering gravely ever since the revolution took place.


Yet, this year we have high hopes. We have advertising agencies showing the essence of Egypt, we have celebrities from all over the world proudly taking selfies next to the great Pyramids of Giza, we have viral YouTube pranksters enjoying the blue waters of Gouna and we have youth who will do whatever it takes to boost our tourism.


The latest girl who is seriously impressing us is Passant Nur ElDin. The Egyptian tour guide decided to make people fall in love with our culture and archeology all over again. ElDin started a series of videos, where she tells the stories of each monument in her own heartfelt way. It is so cute, super smart and we are in love with her.



Check out ElDin’s interview below:




WE SAID THIS: Let’s all try be proactive and help our country any way we can.