Egyptian Salons That Have Taken Curly Hair as Their Ultimate Trademark!

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Finally, the day when curly hair has become socially acceptable has arrived. Most curly-heads; who are probably the majority of the female population in Egypt, grew up thinking that their messy strands did not meet society’s beauty standards. However, this has all changed and girls have finally learned to embrace their curls. However, self-acceptance was not enough. In the dilemma of hair care, finding products, as well as the right routine, haircuts have managed to fit into the equation. For hairdressers, trimming and styling come with blowdrying in the same package. But since girls are now trying to be heat-free, this was no longer possible. That’s why some hair experts decided to become more curly-conscious.

So if you’re wondering where you can dry-cut your hair, get a professional treatment, or style your curls for a special occasion, don’t worry! We’ve done the research for you and brought you four hair salons/experts in Cairo that you can trust with your curls.

Toi Beauty Salon

Phone number:  02 2737 7070/ 0100 760 0008

Address: 30 El Gezira El Wosta, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

THE HAIR ADDICT PROFESSIONALS NATURAL DRY HAIR CUTTING COURSE (CURLBYCURL & CG METHOD MASTERCLASS WITH LORRAINE MASSEY AND WAFAYA ABDALLAH) Watch and learn the best dry cutting techniques from the greatest teachers. الهير ادكيت بروفشنالز (CurlbyCurl and CG method masterclass مع لورين ماسي و وفية عبد الله) شاهدوا و تعلموا احسن تقنيات قص الشعر الجاف من أعظم المعلمات. #HA_thehairaddict_professionals #HA_certified_salons #HA_professional_salons #HA_curlbycurl_masterclass #Ha_curlbycurl_stylists #natural #curlygirl #teamnatural #hairaddicts #hairevolution #naturalistas #salons @curlyworldllc @wafayaabdallah @thehairaddictofficial @chaza_zekri

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The Curly Studio

Phone number: 0110 084 8484

Address: 17 El Gazaer st., El Agouza, Giza, Egypt [at Chez Richard’s Hair Salon]

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S Hair Studio

Phone number: 0103 376 1214

Address: 19 Road 233 Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Bringing those curls to life!

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Makeup HQ Egypt

Phone number: 0102 271 5514

WE SAID THIS: All the experts in charge have taken a master class by Lorraine Massey, the woman behind the renowned CG method, in collaboration with The Hair Addict.