For All You Gamers In Egypt, Here Is The Biggest Event Of The Year!

By Yasmeen Badawy

Even though Egypt is known for its passionate gamers, we did not expect that the biggest gaming festival in the UK will come to Cairo before any other city on its global expansion. The Insomnia Gaming Festival is coming to Cairo this October to feature the festival’s trademark mix of gaming and e-sports. The organizers confirmed a new multi-year partnership with a number of event organizers across the globe.

Via Insomnia Gaming Egypt

Game E-sports and Events who organize the gaming festival announced a global expansion that will start in Cairo. The events will also feature the festival’s trademark mix of gaming and e-sports as well as Cosplay, Indie game showcases, retro gaming and stage events. After Cairo, the festival is planning to go to Dubai in 2019 and later to Saudi Arabia, South America and Australia will follow shortly after.

The partnerships include deals with the Global Event Management Group and BME Global Ltd who will handle the events with the UK organizers. Ahmed El Gohary, CEO of BME Global told E-Sports Insider, “We are extremely pleased to be bringing Insomnia to Egypt. The event is a place for gamers of all backgrounds and ages to socialize while discovering the latest games and products. This is very exciting news for all gamers in the region.”

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to game our nights away!