Egyptian Parliament Member Suggests Exporting Stray Dogs to Dog Eating Countries

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By Aala El-Gohary 

Margaret Azer, the Deputy of the Human Rights Committee in the Egyptian parliament, suggested that Egypt export stray dogs. The suggestion is to export them to countries that consume dog meat, like South Korea, to overcome the problem caused by the increasing number of stray dogs in the streets.

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“We could collect the stray dogs and place them in a farm where they would be put on a special diet for proper nutrition and then slaughtered and exported,” said Margaret. She also added, “After being properly nurtured, a dog could be exported for five Egyptian Pounds ($0.28) each.” Azer explained her proposal as an alternative for shooting dogs as well as a means of improving the Egyptian economy.

The probe raised a wide range of rage and criticism amongst animal rights activists; it was described as inhumane and brutal. The chairperson of Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), Mona Khalil, responded to this idea saying, “In our old civilization, such animals were believed to be sacred”. She also added “Can’t we find a solution that is more scientific? Can’t we find something more humane?”

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