Youth Olympic Games 2018: Ahmed El Gendy and Salma Abdelmaksoud Gloriously Return With Gold and Silver Pentathlon Medals

Going back home sharing three gold medals and a silver one was the perfect finale for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games for Egypt. It was not a surprise though, thanks to the dexterous skills, competency, and battling qualities of the two young champions; Ahmed El Gendy and Salma Abdelmaksood.

Via Uipmworld

The triumph was really achieved when Ahmed El Gendy teamed up with Gu Yewen of China to win the Mixed International Team event, a unique format that allows athletes from different nations to team up and battle. On Sunday, El Gendy claimed the Men’s Individual title to his Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM). In the mixed event, El Gendy with Gu went into a Laser Run with a 12-second lead over Salma Abdelmaksoud, the Women’s Individual champion.

The young champion, El Gendy said, “I am very happy and proud. I can’t describe it. It’s my second gold medal and I was targeting the individual event, but then I found my Chinese partner and she was very good.”

WE SAID THIS: Ahmed and Salma, you are our real Avengers!