Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate Cancels Three of Hamo Bika’s Concerts

A name that has unnecessarily overtaken our newsfeeds belongs to the mahragan singer, Hamo Bika. While we are perfectly fine with mahraganat and we don’t even mind dancing to fun tunes, but when it comes to singing about incest in their viral 2017 hit Ente7ar men Nar, and the younger generation blindly and naively repeating the lyrics, then it’s time to clean up the music scene and set some limits.

Head of Egypt’s musicians’ syndicate, Hany Shaker, has expressed his concern in multiple interviews over the viral state of mahragan music. Along with Khalid Abdul Jalil, head of the General Authority for Censorship of Works of Arts, Shaker interfered to cancel three of Hamo Bika’s concerts.

Although the artist has previously announced to Youm7 that the musicians’ syndicate has no authority over Bika as he is not a memeber of the syndicate, however, they filed a police report against the mahragan singer and accused him of impersonation and holding an unlicensed concert in Agami, Alexandria.

Hamo Bika publicly apologized to his fans on his social media page and replied to the allegations claiming that he was worried for his fans due to the big unexpected crowd and that’s why he canceled his concert.

لايف اعتذار للجمهور ???

لايف اعتذار للجمهور عن حفله وش الغضب والنووى هيشتغل على كل الاخصام ???

Posted by ‎حمو بيكا.Hamo Bika‎ on Friday, November 9, 2018

News just came in today that Hany Shaker managed to cancel two more concerts, one that was being held at a touristic site and another in Damietta. We support all genres of art, but we have nothing but disrespect for the lyrics this man imposes on our society.

WE SAID THIS: FYI, ElSobky Film Productions just signed a deal with Hamo Bika. The post, however, was deleted from their Facebook page.