Egyptian MP Suggests Girls Go Through a Virginity Test When Enrolling at a University

Via Parlmany
Via Parlmany


As an effort to “get rid of the phenomenon of customary marriages (3orfy),” Elhamy Ageena, a Member of Parliament (MP) has suggested that universities should impose virginity tests every now and then to ensure that they are still “2anessat.”


Moreover, in an interview with Youm7, he called on the Ministry of Higher Education to put it as a acceptance requirement to have girls enrolling at the university take virginity tests, and it doesn’t stop at this point; if the girl turns out to have lost her virginity, they will tell her parents immediately – regardless of the way, aside from the violent invasion of the basic human rights this MP suggests, haven’t the thought of that a girl might have been raped for example and couldn’t tell her parents?


Aageena couldn’t help but go too far with his remarks, “this proposal shouldn’t upset anyone, if it upsets you then you are afraid your daughter would be married 3orfy behind your back,” I expected the quote would end with a swearword to be honest. What is this?


One last thing he concluded to Youm7 was that this new law should be applied on girls in private universities before public universities. If I was writing this on my own blog I would have had more liberty with the choice of words I’m very eager to describe this MP with.


Fun fact: he is the same MP who suggested girls go through female genital mutilation to lower the level of females’ sexual desire in order to balance the desire with the male sexual abilities, as ridiculous as that sounds.



WE SAID THIS: If this suggested law appealed to the government and got actually implemented and the security came to tell you in person that you need to go to the clinic for a virginity test, what the hell would you do?