Young Egyptian Man Murdered in Cafe – Could This Be You?


Tragedy struck last Sunday on the Africa Cup of Nations final night. I’m not talking about our loss to Cameroon, I’m talking about Mahmoud Mohamed Bayoumi; the innocent life that was murdered at a restaurant in Heliopolis.


An actual person got murdered at a restaurant that he went to with his fiancee to watch the AFCON game. It’s sweet how Egypt never loses the ability to surprise us. What kind of world…wait. Scratch that! What kind of Egypt do we live in that a young man can casually just go to a restaurant with his other half to root for his country and watch something that they both love, only to end up dead.


The restaurant Keif. Via Maplo


Bayoumi was at the restaurant, Keif, watching his country compete in the final game with his fiancee. As he was paying the check after the game ended, two of the restaurant’s staff were apparently rude to Bayoumi which ended up with them fighting with him and ultimately stabbing him in the heart with a knife!


I simply do not care if Bayoumi didn’t want to pay or if he was the worst customer in the whole wide world (which he wasn’t any of those things), no one should die at a restaurant. What am I even saying? Why do I even have to say this? Someone died at a restaurant…


According to Al Masry Al Youm, the two Keif employees were arrested and are being brought to justice. I’m not quite sure what that means since I am having a hard time grasping how this all happened to begin with. How can someone in their right mind hire someone like that? Do I have to worry the next time I go to a restaurant with my significant other? Do I need to always be on the look out when I’m out with my friends at a store? I love you, Egypt, but it’s becoming very, very hard to.



WE SAID THIS: The restaurant has deactivated all its social media platforms since the incident occurred and has not issued a statement until now.