Egyptian Influencer Aya Mostafa Almost Arrested at Cairo Airport

Via Aya Mostafa


Do you know that beautiful, beautiful feeling that you have when you’re on a trip abroad, flying away from Cairo and forgetting about its chaos and sticky weather…only to find yourself back at the airport because you’re being slapped in the face with reality? Well, Egyptian influencer and funny lady, Aya Mostafa, is just another citizen who has experienced that travesty.


Back from a trip to Jordan, Mostafa started sharing live Facebook videos of her Cairo Airport experience. For three full hours, the social media star had waited with no signs of her luggage. It is clear in the video that everyone was losing their calm, and she ended up being almost arrested for sharing a live video of the incident.



Honestly, we’re kind of surprised the new airport is that chaotic. We have never noticed any lack of organization or security on their behalf before. In fact, we’ve been praising Terminal 3 for as long as we can remember. But that’s just social media. Once you get caught in the act while having a bad day, it’s never going to go away.




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