Egyptian Cancer Survivors Speak up with the Support of NCI, BCFE and Novartis


In the latest movement supporting cancer survivors, The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Novartis Pharma organized a hopeful and uplifting two-day event. The survivors got a chance to share their experiences while facing the disease and spread hope among other patients.


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The feedback was remarkable. Yasmine, a breast cancer survivor, said “I was scared at first, but after hearing so many encouraging survivor stories I felt optimistic. I genuinely hope that all patients try to take something positive from our experiences.”



“My type of cancer – chronic myeloid leukemia – is one that people can live with, just like diabetes. After I was diagnosed, I decided that I would always tell myself that I was very strong. This outlook not only helps me but also helps change the behavior and perception of everyone around me,” leukemia survivor, Ahmed, shared.


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The event was simply so much than people just sharing their pain and pride. On February 3rd, Zamalek runners organized a run and a  drawing session that was led by Egyptian painter Khaled Samahy and Kuwaiti artist Abdel Aziz Al Tamimi. The sessions involved patients’ portraits being drawn by artists, while guiding them in creating art representing “messages of hope.” A signature painting by AlTamimi shall be donated to the NCI.


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Careem, ride-hailing service, took part of the initiative and offered a promotional code ‘WorldCancerDay’ that passengers could use to donate to the NCI. EGP 2 from the cost of each trip will be forwarded to the NCI, to help fund its treatment and research activities.



WE SAID THIS: This country needs more initiatives like this.