Egyptian Actress Sarrah Abdelrahman Strikes Again Acing Minimalism on the Red Carpet!

Via Sarrah Abdelrahman

In a world of glitz and glam, rising starlet Sarrah Abdelrahman, known as sarrahsworld in the social media world, just defied the status quo and unleashed her inner Sophia Amoruso. The young actress recently posted one of her latest Red Carpet looks, a simple, yet chic, black dress she wore at Cairo International Film Festival’s (CIFF) closing ceremony. However, the caption that went along was quite shocking, but in a way that makes us even prouder of the one of a kind woman.

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من أكتر الحاجات الممتعة في شغلي هي فرصة إني أتعامل مع مصممين أزياء و ستايليستس شاطرين للتعبير عن نفسي من خلال اللبس. ‏بس لحفل ختام مهرجان القاهرة اخترت إني البس فستان اشتريته من وكالة البلح (حتة الهدوم المستعملة) ب ٣٧٠ جنيه. تقليل الاستهلاك من الحاجات الشخصية اللي باقدر اعملها عشان احافظ على البيئة.. يعني "باوزع" اللي مش باستخدمه، مابشتريش غير اللي محتاجاه و لو اشتريت.. اشتري مستعمل، مش حاجة متصنعة جديد اتصرف عليها فلوس كتير و صنّعها عمال في ظروف غير آدمية. فيه فكرة كدة ان ممكن يُعتبر "عيب" مثلا ان الواحد يلبس حاجة مستعملة. بس انا حبيت اثبت (لنفسي أولا) ان من السهل اني الاقي حاجة مستعملة لائقة للمناسبة و في نفس الوقت مستدامة/صديقة للبيئة.بالتأكيد مش باقدر اعمل كدة طول الوقت زي ما باتمنى بس اهو اديني باخد خطوات صغيرة 🙂 شكر خاص لأحمد سرور و صالون الصغير و كايروزوم.

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“One of the things I most enjoy about my job is dealing with talented fashion designers and stylists to express myself. However, for the CIFF, I chose to wear a dress I bought from the used clothes section in ‘Wekalet El Balah’ for EGP 370 only,” Sarrah’s caption said. “Minimizing consumption is one of a few personal things I try to do to save the environment. In other words, I give away what I don’t use and I only buy what I need. Buy used instead of buying newly manufactured products that cost a lot of money and sometimes even made under inhumane circumstances,” she added. “There’s this belief that this might be considered shameful, but I wanted to prove; to myself first, that it’s easy to find something that is used, appropriate for the occasion, and at the same time sustainable or eco-friendly. Of course, I’m unable to do this all the time as I wish I could, but at least I’m taking baby steps.”

The aspiring actress has been sharing her glamorous looks at CIFF, as well as Marrakesh International Film Festival, by the country’s finest designers including Amna El Shandaweely and Mohanad Kojak. We have to say, she rocked them all; both the designer gowns and the minimalistic one!

Via Sarrah Abdelrahman

This is not the first time for Sarrah though. A throwback to the unforgettable El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) and recall the eccentric top recycled from 30 plastic bags. The garment was made by Upfuse and designed by Esmeralda Radwan.

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