Egypt President Mohamed Morsi’s Removal Sparks Celebrations

And the Celebration continues!

Opponents of Egypt’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, celebrated into the night, after Egypt’s army ousted the country’s first elected president, the Egyptians filled the streets with happiness and celebration.

As soon as General Abdel Fatah Al Sisi was done with his speech, something I think not only Egypt was waiting for, but the world; fireworks lit up the skies, people danced the night away and cheered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and outside the presidential palace, waving flags and flashing green-colorerd lasers! If one thing was showing, is the excitement and happiness among the Egyptian people. 

They’ve done it! 

For the second time, Egyptians fought for what they believed in, for what they want, and nothing will ever stand in their way! 

But one cannot forget the Morsi supporters, the two sides to every story. According to Mahmoud Yassin, one of Morsi’s supporters said, “The army is an ally of the nation. It protects everyone, regardless of their political stance, there will be no clashes between us and the army, no matter what. If the army steps in, we will stay and continue our peaceful demonstration in support of Morsi’s legitimacy.”

Other than that, the plug was pulled on all Brotherhood television stations, and Al-Jazeera’s local station was raided. 

Will the Muslim Brotherhood stop there? Will there be violence? 

Muslim Brotherhood supporters said they would sacrifice their lives to defend Mr Morsi’s “legitimacy”. There were clashes across the country last night, with the Brotherhood claiming five members had been killed in battles with the security forces. Two senior members of the Brotherhood’s political arm were reportedly detained.

On the other hand, Adly Mansour has had a momentous week.

Mansour, 67, is head of the High Constitutional Court, holding the position that was designated in the transitional plan as responsible for filling the role of presidency.

He took the oath at around 10.00am, stating: “I swear by God to uphold the Republican system and respect the constitution and lawand safeguard the people and protect the nation.”

Speaking shortly afterwards, he said: “It as a great honor and gratitude to receive the honor of being the interim president of the government in an interim period.

Adly Mansour will be Egypt’s interim president until a new election is held in the months ahead. A date for the vote has not been set.

Everyone just stay safe, up until now we don’t know what’s gonna happen.

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