Egypt Named One of the Top Destinations for Billionaires, Here Are Our Recommendations!

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By Muhammed Aladdin

According to one boutique luxury tourism agency, Egypt is one of the hottest destinations billionaires are traveling to this year. The country came first in Original Travel’s list of top destinations where billionaires are headed in 2019.

Original Travel is a high-end luxury, travel agency that organizes getaways for high-net-worth individuals, and their ranking was based on 2018’s numbers from booking to performance; the latter was assessed through a combination of feedback and client inquiries.

Via Business Insider.

According to a statement by the brand’s ambassador Amelia Stewart to Business Insider, the company expects that in 2019, there will be three times more bookings for Egypt compared to last year’s number.

Egypt, indeed, is one of the most unique destinations on this planet, from the Pharaonic landmarks to the Greek, Roman, and Arab influences seen on its streets on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention its breathtaking nature from deserts and oases to beaches and rock formations.

Here is a list of the amazing things you could do in Egypt if you are a billionaire visiting!


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The Bride of the Mediterranian, Alexandria was founded by the famed conqueror Alexander the Great, and at the end, it was his final resting place; it is where Cleopatra reigned, and the Romans lived; indeed, over the ages Alexandria had amassed a blend of heritages and cultures.

The city is both rich in historic as well as modern elements; it is home to the Bibliotheca Alexandria, the Alexandria National Museum, the Montazah Palace Gardens, and the Stanley Bridge. For more details about the dazzling beauty of this ancient city, make sure to check our previous article: Discovering Alexandria: The Archaeological Pearl of the Mediterranean.


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Once called Thebes, the capital city of ancient Egypt, Luxor is said to have one-third of the world’s archaeological landmarks. It is home to the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon, and the Temple of Karnak, the largest temple complex in Egypt and one of the largest in the world.

The Valley of Kings in Luxor is also the resting place of many of ancient Egypt royal families, featuring over 60 rock-cut royal tombs filled with colorful hieroglyphs and cave paintings.

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Near Luxor, high-end travelers can stay at luxury boutique hotel Al Moudir; it features a number of hand-painted murals and rooms inspired by the works of our ancestors. The suites there cost about USD 271 per night.


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Once done with Luxor, travelers can take the Oberoi Philae, a luxury Nile cruise boat between Aswan and Luxor that stops by the numerous landmarks and archaeological sites in both ancient cities.

In Aswan, near Nubia, tourists can visit Abu Simbel Temple Complex, one of the most prominent of Egypt’s landmarks; it consists of The Great Temple and The Small Temple.

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There, travelers experience worlds of luxury at the five-star Mövenpick Resort Aswan, which is located on an island in the middle of the Nile, giving it an unsurpassed view of the surroundings. Its fanciest room, the Royal Villa with a Nile View, costs around USD 466 a night.


No one can say they have been to Egypt without visiting Cairo. The hustling and bustling capital city that never sleeps. From the old mosques of Al-Fustat, or Old Cairo, to the churches of the Religions Complex, Cairo has been for centuries the melting pot of different civilizations.

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In Downtown Cairo, art nouveau buildings of the royal era stand to this day, and in Zamalek, travelers can visit the colossal Cairo Opera House, one of the most significant buildings in all of Egypt.

It is not all history, there are also a number of traditional markets or souqs, where craftspeople showcase their best work. Not to mention the galleries, boutiques, and malls.

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From the Nile view of the Ritz Carlton to the Pyramids view of Mena House, visitors can spend the night at one of Cairo’s many affluent hotels for an unprecedented luxurious experience.

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Cairo has one of the most diverse food scenes out there with more delish entries than visitors could possibly imagine. One of the leading high-end, hip restaurants in the bustling capital that must be tried out are Pier 88, Kazuko, and Izakaya.

Red Sea Coast

Egypt covers most of the Red Sea’s western coast and parts of its eastern coast; therefore, a number of the country’s most breathtaking resorts lies on the Red Sea; whether it is Sharm El-Sheikh, Gouna, or Marsa Alam, Egypt offers its visitors an experience that is like no other.

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In Hurghada, tourists can spend their days exploring reefs and corals while at night, they can sleep at the Oberoi in Sahl Hasheesh, which is composed of spacious bungalows inspired by traditional Arabian architecture. Here, a royal suite with private pool averages USD 777 a night.

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Another high-end option is the Kempinski Hotel in Soma Bay with its Moorish architectural influences and calming colors. It has a health club, spa, and four tennis courts. The presidential suite here can cost as much as USD 2,016 per night.

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Imagine, after a dreamless, comforting sleep, you wake up to a scene of the ever-so-calm Red Sea and its sturdy mountains; what a view would that be! Fortunately, La Maison Bleue offers just that with an addition of world-class service in a spacious, private suite.

With its luxurious internal design, exquisite furniture, classy, delish food, guests return to this out-worldly hotel over and over again.

You could also give their breakfast a try, just like Kourtney Kardashian did the last time she was here in Egypt!

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