Egypt Was Just Named the Best Arab Country with International Image

via cpvvs
via cpvvs


Who knew that Egypt would have the best international image of all Arab countries? Om El Donia just managed to top Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, according to the Nation Brands Index (NBI) survey.


It was reported by Deutsche Welle that Egypt ranked the survey as the 40th best-international-image country in the world. The top ten countries, however, were Germany, then France, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Australia and finally Sweden.



The survey was conducted by German-based market research firm GfK and the British political consultant Simon Anholt. The survey results are calculated based on the public’s view on six factors, which are: governance, people, tourism, culture and heritage, investment and immigration, and exports.


The efforts of the #ThisIsEgypt campaign, El Gouna Film Festival and the World Youth Forum and much more have probably led to the improvement and the flourishing of Egypt’s international image.



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